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Made with VivaVideo : As you know VivaVideo is best and powerful app to edit your videos, making slideshows though your pictures and a lot of fun to do with it. It requires no skill and let you make professional editing in no times thanks to it’s effects. In our last post we shared VivaVideo Pro totally free that help user to edit and make videos in more better way. Well here we are going to talk publish some awesome videos that we found on YouTube that are made with VivaVideo.

Top 4 Video Made with VivaVideo

Here we are going to publish top 4 best video made though VivaVideo, This is top though us i mean according to our editor not overall in the world. We have just selected these from our personal experience/taste.

Top #1 : Lagti Lahore Di

This is fan made song that is uploaded in Jan 2018 and in less than one month it has more than 30 Million views, It’s really big number we found this is one of the best and it became hit in no time that’s why it’s our Top#1 video made though VivaVideo app.

Top #2 : Sochta hoon kitne massom thay

This is another best video made though VivaVideo app, It has 28 Million views and increasing every day. This deserve this position with this massive stats

Top #3 : WhatsApp Love Status

This is very short video made by Mukesh Kumar, This video has more than 11 Million views and 45000 likes, this make it one of the most popular video that is made by VivaVideo.

Top #4 : Hamara Haal Na poocho – Song

Here is another song video that has more than 15 Million Views, It’s really so big number. This takes 4th position in our list.

Final words : These are some very popular videos that are made though using vivavideo app, we just sharing these videos for inspiration and that help you to understand what this app can do and you can also edit such videos.

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